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Token Pack Issue

Hi Team,


Token Pack ID: <redacted>

confirmation No: <redacted>

Tokens are valid until <redacted>


Starting the "Run_me_first" tool points to the webpage.

I am not able to get a decryption code.


System is responding:

This Token Pack ID is invalid. To ensure the proper operation of your RSA SecurID token order, please contact RSA Customer Support to resolve this issue.


Kind regards,

Torsten Habicht.

Pls respond to

Case Number: <redacted> has been closed

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Employee (Retired) Employee (Retired)
Employee (Retired)

Torsten Habicht‌,


Thank you for posting your issue to the community.  I redacted token pack and case information from your post as that should not be made available on a public community.  See for information on what should and should not be posted here.


Second, I've moved your question to the RSA SecurID Access" data-type="space space where it will be seen by the product's support engineers, other customers and partners.  Please bookmark this page and use it when you have product-specific questions. Alternatively, from the RSA Customer Support page, click on Ask A Question on the blue navigation bar and choose Ask A Product Related Question.  From there, scroll to RSA SecurID Access" data-type="space‌ and click Ask A Question.  That way your question will appear in the correct space.


Finally, to your question. You are seeing the invalid token pack ID message because the file was already downloaded.  Please look for the file on your computer.  Be sure that you know the password used to create the file and have the CD.   If you have all three of these items, please open a case with RSA Customer Support and one of our engineers can assist you. 


If you have lost any of those items, we will need to open a case to provide you with replacement token media.