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Trouble Registering RSA app to new iPhones

#rsa securid access troubleshooting


I work with Great Western Bank, company ID 1000359450 and we use your RSA console to setup our employees.


My question to you is that we are having some trouble with two employees, one has an iPhone XR, version 14.2 iOS and another employee with an iPhone 12, version 14.2 iOS.  What happens is they reload the RSA app to their new phone's and when it comes to the the registration part the info that they put in are as follows:

Company ID: GWB

Email Address is just your Great Western Bank Email - its - first

Registration Code is their AD\Windows password.

So the issue is that there is not enough room in the email field ONLY to put in all the characters. Is this an issue with the

with the app?2020-12-08 11_29_07-Window.jpg


You can contact me at:



Direct number: 1-605-370-6542


Thank you 

Jesse Kagarise.

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