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Unable to locate policy by security domain in cache, attempting to refresh cache

From the imsTrace.log I see the below error message :-


2018-07-24 12:05:27,813, [AgentProtocolServer Core Thread #2], (,, DEBUG,,,,,Unable to locate policy by security domain in cache, attempting to refresh cache


Steps followed :


When I access a OAM protected resource , it displays a login page . 

I enter the same username tested above .

Entered the tokencode - I get the above mentioned error .

I even tried with PIN followed by tokencode - I get the below mentioned error .


Error seen - 


"Principal authentication

User “ABC” attempted to authenticate using authenticator “SecurID_Native”. The user belongs to security domain “SystemDomain” 
Authentication method failed"


I have tested the hardware token to be working fine , on the ssc console .( had to resynchronize the token from the self service console ).

( I have tried "test" from the self-service console, 

I entered username and PIN followed by tokencode. I got the below success message . 

"Your test authentication is successful."  )



Please suggest what do I need to check to resolve this issue.

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Employee (Retired)

Charu Parmar‌,


Considering you seem to be having ongoing issues getting authentication to work correctly with tokens in New PIN Mode and with your OAM protected resource, I would recommend that you contact customer support and open a case to work with a support engineer on your issue.