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Update - Component Web Tier

Good afternoon, I have a question about the documentation and the Web Tiers component.


I have a basic implementation of two servers. I have 1 teacher and 1 replica and 1 web level. When I upgrade my RSA servers, my web tier also appears in the "Upgrade" of Operations Console, but in the documentation it says I must reinstall the web tier package if I am going to upgrade.


My first query is: What is the recommendation that I should follow, do I have to reinstall or is it okay to update it from Operations Console?


Note: The problem of reinstalling it in my experience, the components are very restless with the version of the operating system, for example, if I have a rhel 7.6 operating system with component 10 of the Web Tier component, it works, but if I install patch 13 it would throw an error because the platform is not supported (supports RHEL 7.7). How can this be resolved or handled?

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NOT recommended*

but you can bypass installation/OS requirements by adding a line to



 or this line



*This is only for non-production, we do not support systems that do not meet the documented requirements.


As far as reinstall vs update using the update button on the Operations Console, some CVE's and other fixes can only be implemented with a new install, for which we release a new webtier installer with a specific version number. Other minor updates do not require an installer and can be delivered over the network using the update button. Patch 13 does have a lot of new Oracle code, so must be installed, not updated over network.


If RSA releases an Authentication Manager patch and also a new webtier download, it is recommended to always reinstall webtier from scratch in order to be fully up to date with all components.

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The p13 webtier does not  require Red Hat 7.7; it is supported on Red Hat 7.7, in addition to the other Red Hat versions already supported.