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Upgrade path to 8.6

I am currently running RSA Am 8.4P13.  Is there a document that describes an upgrade path to the latest 8.6?  Additionally, I'm looking for the correct authentication agent for the MS Windows systems in my network.  I am running the RSA Authentication Agent  Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Start by reading the 8.6 Setup and Config Guide -- it tells you that you must upgrade to 8.5 before applying 8.6.

If you currently use any RADIUS, make sure you read and re-read the RADIUS sections, especially if you think you don't need to.  Lots of new stuff. the doc refers to it as a migration, not an update.


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Wrt the Windows Agent. Check out the MFA Windows-Agent Admin Guide. . The MFA Windows Agents works with Authentication Manager as well as the Cloud Authentication Service. It covers almost all the capabilities of the old 7.4.x agents, provides extra features incl. better security.