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Upgrading underlying OS

I am running RSA Authentication Manager 8.3 P 01 and have not administered the system through an OS upgrade. I would be upgrading from Windows 2008 Server to 2016 Server and looking for any pitfalls? Can I simply upgrade the underlying OS or is there a step-by-step guide to facilitating this?

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Use a test machine first, but the RSA Agent for Microsoft Windows admin guide simply notes that after upgrading the underlying OS, plan to upgrade the agent to the latest version. So, yes, it is just an OS upgrade and the agent should work the same way. There are no specific notes about special steps or procedures. To be sure, do this on a test machine to see what to expect in your environment, before rolling out to production servers.


As far as RSA Authentication Manager server itself, it is a 'black box' and all the OS updates on it are provided by Authentication Manager patches.