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Using SID700 as Azure 365 Multi-factor authentication OATH token

Trying to configure SID700 as Azure 365 MFA OATH Token but the seed I received is encoded in Base64 and Azure requires token seeds to be encoded in Base32.  Can you provide the seed with that encoding?

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I have the same problem. Any updates on a solution? I converted the seed to Base32 and was then enabled to import it to OATH tokens but could not activate it.

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SID700 (hardware tokens) seeds cannot be uploaded directly to Azure. They have to be imported into either the RSA Authentication Manager (AM) or Cloud Authentication Service (CAS) where they (the SID700 tokens) are managed and assigned from. RSA AM or CAS, whichever you uploaded the token seeds to, would also be the system that validate the tokencodes/passcodes when users attempt to authenticate to resources you've configured with AM or CAS. There are many integrations that are possible with AM and CAS, and implementation guides for integrations with 3rd party products can be found here: Please note that if there is not an implementation guide for a particular product, that does not necessarily mean the integration will not work, but rather that it has not been qualified: it may be possible but there is no guarantee.

If you do not currently have AM or CAS, I recommend reaching out to RSA Sales to discuss your use-case(s) and see if what you are looking to achieve is possible with either AM or the CAS. RSA Sales contact info: