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We have an enterprise deployment of RSA Secure ID and are considering adding additional authentication agents to 2,000 linux servers to expand MFA. Is there a capacity performance impact on the RSA AM servers that need to be considered??

Our primary use for RSA Secure ID is our VPN, but looking at adding a significant number of internal linux servers for MFA.    Would not increase our user count as the admins logging into those servers already log into the network via VPN.      Trying to determine how we need to scale the back end RSA AM infrastructure if we add an additional 2,000 linux servers for MFA.

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I don't think you'll experience any performance or scalability issues just increasing the number of agents. Server capacity is more closely associated with authentication throughput (i.e. authentications-per-second) regardless of the agent from which the authentication request was received. There are other customers with 50-times the number of agents you're planning (i.e. >100,000 agents) using normal server hardware.