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Web Tier resolves to a 404 page

I am setting up a Web Tier server and the installation went fine with no errors and the status shows as online in the Application Manager. However when I try and login, I input the user name and click OK but then get a 404 error. I can resolve both the web server in the DMZ and the application manger addresses from either network.

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Christopher Bennett‌,


I've moved your question to the RSA SecurID Access" data-type="space space where it will be seen by the product's support engineers, other customers and partners.  Please bookmark this page and use it when you have product-specific questions.


Alternatively, from the RSA Customer Support page, click on Ask A Question on the blue navigation bar and choose Ask A Product Related Question.  From there, scroll to RSA SecurID Access" data-type="space‌ and click Ask A Question.  That way your question will appear in the correct space.

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Additionally, I removed the screen shots from your post since they contained URLs and IP addresses for your servers.  Please see for information on what is safe to post to a public forum.





Hi Erica,


Thanks for the response and moving it to the appropriate place.Thank you for taking precautions with my information. 

[I have a lab and don't care about my URLs being seen]


1) initial page URL should start like this. I happen to have port 8008 (default would be 443) 


2) After I hit that URL, the URL is re-written as 



3) Enter userid and OK,

the next URL is asking for password or passcode 



I don't directly have an answer for a 404 page with a webtier...may need to open a support case so we can dig in deeper.

Christopher Bennett‌,


You are most welcome.  That is what we are here for!  Welcome to the RSA Link community.




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I would double check the specific URLs and ports.


Edward Davis‌ I think the default port is 7004. The standard URL "re-director" is actually listening on 443.  


To keep Ed's example going, the simple URL for the self-service console is "/ssc". So the short (redirector) URL would be:


That should generate a "redirect" to the self-service console's port and URL at: 


There are other short URLs serviced by the "redirector" at port 443. Depending on the type of server, there's also /sc for the Security Console and  /oc for the Operations Console).


If you forget the port number, the standard redirector (at 443) will return a 404 for unknown short paths. For example: would generate a 404 (because the "short" URL is not recognized. 



Note my example with port 8008 was specific to webtier version of SelfService only, the 443 listener and redirect to 7004 is specific to SelfServiceConsole on the Primary directly. The url scheme is different for the two,  though the resulting SelfService page once logged in, is the same.