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what does rsautil file-data-cleanup do ?

there is a new option for the rsautil command in AM 8.4 patch 4, file-data-cleanup. what does rsautil file-data-cleanup do ?

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This is new in and it addresses an issue in the database where objects exceeded their time-to-live and did not get flushed from the database. There is a location in the RSA PostgreSQL database that retains information about files that were downloaded from the system such as sdconf.rec and software tokens...etc. RSA_REP.AM_FILE_DATA table, and in some systems, in some conditions, this table may grow large and consume a lot of disk space as objects remained beyond the time-to-live. This command will flush that table so you don't have to manually enter the database and enter SQL commands on affected systems.

This cleans up any leftover AM_FILE_DATA rows that expired between 24 and 48 hours in the past.