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What options do we have to manage Trusted Realm groups, agents, and users in bulk?

I'm working with a customer that is managing two Authentication Manager Realms which are connected via Trusted Realm. They are using the AMBA AAH (Add Agent Host) command to add new agents and update existing agents. The AMBA AAH command allows for agents to be created/updated as Unrestricted/Restricted and "Enable Trusted Realm Authentication" with the ability to scope the agent's Trusted Realm ACL to "Open to all Trusted Users (Trusted Users will be created upon successful authentication)" or "Only Trusted Users in Trusted User Groups with access to the agent can authenticate".


In the case of the customer I'm working with, they are setting the agent Trusted Realm ACL to "Only Trusted Users in Trusted User Groups with access to the agent can authenticate" and have hundreds of groups and thousands of users who need to be associated with this logic.


We have not found a method of carrying out the following in bulk:

  1. Add Trusted User Groups
  2. Add Trusted User Groups to agents
  3. Add Users (external Identity Source) to Trusted User Groups


What options do we have to managed the above scenarios in bulk?

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refer to Add User Remote (AUR) command


Add user remote adds a remote user to the database.

Hi Ed, thanks for your response! I should add, in one Realm users are in the internal DB and external in the other Realm. In the case of existing users, would we use the Change User Remote (CUR) command instead of AUR? With either command, I am not seeing a way to associate a Trusted User with Trusted User Group.