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What's different between RSA Authentication Manager Base Edition and Cloud Auth Services?

Dear Teams:


I just want to know What's different between the Enterpise Edition of Authentication Manager 8X  and Cloud Auth Services?

Actually we had the Authentication Manager Base Edition license and already upgraded to Enterprise Edition Version.

But we still can not to access Cloud Authentication Service .


Besides. i had talked with RSA support and sales that they tell it is the Enterpise Edition of Authentication Manager 8X rather than the Enterpise Edition of CAS (cloud authentication)?   Im confused.....

Any suggestion would be really appreciate it . thanks all !





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The Authentication Manager (AM) is mainly leverage to manage SW/HW tokens and connect/protect on-prem resources mainly using RSA Agents or RADIUS. The Cloud Authentication Service (CAS) provides you with the MFA capabilities of the SecurID Access solution such as using Push Notifications, Device Biometrics, FIDO among other, while also providing SSO using SAML, HFED and Trusted Headers for your cloud and web based applications. The following link provides a brief overview on the difference between AM and CAS

From a licensing perspective, AM has only 2 available license models (Base and Enterprise) while CAS has 3 models (Base, Enterprise and Premium). The reasoning for this is that if you employ a AM only deployment, then there is no different between Enterprise and Premium from functionality perspective, hence only the two options. Unlike CAS where you get additional features with Premium. RSA SecurID Access Editions 

 To put it in a simpler approach, you are entitled access to CAS regardless of which overall license you are on 

  • If you are on Base license, you get the below:
    • Base AM
    • Base CAS
  • If you are on Enterprise license, you get the below:
    • Enterprise AM (Replicas for High Availability, AMBA tool,..)
    • Enterprise CAS
  • If you are on Base license, you get the below:
    • Enterprise AM (Replicas for High Availability, AMBA tool,..)
    • Premium CAS

To get access to CAS, you will need to reach out to your Sales Representative and ask to enable access to a cloud tenant while providing him with your contact info to setup the required account. You should then get credentials to your Cloud tenant. All of the required instructions related to CAS are in the following URL Cloud Authentication Service Help - Table of Contents  

Best Regards,

Mohamed Zohny


Well noted. thanks buddy!

Let me try to order Cloud Authentication Service (CAS) provides,thanks