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which version of SSL or TLS supports authentication manager 8.1

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If you have an earlier version of AM 8.1, the server will prefer TLS ver. 1.0 for Browser console connectrions but will accept negotiation down to SSLv3, but with AM 8.1 SP1 Patch 13, you can configure your AM server to use TLS ver. 1.2 and refuse lesser versions such as TLS v. 1.0 or SSL v3 (SL2 has not been supported for a while).  However at this version if you configure for TLS v.1.2, RADIUS will still use SSLv3 unless you disable it (RADIUS), and Trusted realm Authentications will not work.  AM version 8.2 will support TLS v.1.2 for browser consoles and RADIUS

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AM 8.1 SP1 Patch 13 has the ability to enable TLS 1.2 mode with caveats (unable to attached replicas while in TLS 1.2 mode, unable to leverage trusted realms and a few others).


After applying SP1 Patch 13, there is a script in the /opt/rsa/am/utils directory “” which supports the following switches:


Webtier also