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Windows Password Integration: How to Change Password?

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Maybe a silly question but what is the proper procedure for users to change their passwords when "Windows Password Integration" is enabled on their laptops? With the recent increase in remote working, we have more and more users getting locked out of their laptops because of password changes through other platforms. They use private computers to access web portals, or Outlook Webmail and update their password there - this affects their Offline laptops as its cached copy of the password often doesn't match the real password anymore.


Assuming they're using their worklaptop (with RSA Agent), how should they go about changing their password? Through the RSA website, RSA agent, or regular Windows screens?




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One last question; is it maybe also possible to include the Agent name in this export/query? Just so we know which machine to investigate when troubleshooting offline download issues. Tx!


Hi Edward, all,


Would you maybe be able to comment on this specific scenario?


  1. Helpdesk performs a password reset for a user
  2. User's laptop is always offline during logon; authentication happens using passcode only
  3. After logging on with Passcode, user establishes VPN to office network; laptop connects to AD
  4. User logs off
  5. Next day, user tries to authenticate using passcode (offline) but cannot logon anymore.


In my view, the problem is with step 3 - this is where the machine becomes aware of the new password, but RSA does not.. Next day, machine expects the new pass, but RSA Offline Data is still presenting the old pass. User is unable to logon because of this discrepancy..


Any idea on how to get out of this scenario? And how to prevent it?