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Windows Remote Desktop and WAP

Hi everyone, im looking for some advice on Windows Remote Desktop, RSA Auth Manager and MS WAP server. 

I'm currently building a new solution which looks like below. (see attachment) 

My plan is to install the Authentication Agent 7.4 on the session hosts and use the GPO templates from RSA. 

 I would like for my internal users not be challenged each time they log on. 

Can anyone suggest an easier way to achieve 2FA on the external client devices?

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Respected Contributor
Respected Contributor

Hello Mike,


You can simply specify which users to challenge from the GPO template, just create a user group for your external users and mention it in the GPO template.


Follow the RSA Authentication Agent 7.4 for Microsoft Windows Group Policy Object Template Guide


Thanks, i'll have a read.

I have a handful of internal users who won't have RSA tokens and I don't want them to be able to access the externally but still able to access the environment internally. Is this possible?