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Windows test authentication succeeds but login with pin and tokencode fails

I am experiencing an issue where I have Authentication Manager 8.6 patch 3 running with LDAP connected to my AD servers for identity sources. The test of my sources works in operations console. I have tokens assigned and when I test authentication on a windows 11 machine using pin+tokencode I get success, but I am unable to login to the machine using pin+tokencode. What did I miss?

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Please have the real time authentication activity report running when you run your authentication tests so we can get more information about the failure you are seeing. Alternatively, you can run a report on previous authentications.

Look at the Description data in column E for messages like:

  • Passcode reuse or previous token code detected for user “Batgirl” in security domain “GothamPD” from “Internal Database” identity source. Request originated from agent “WayneManor” with IP address “” in security domain “GothamPD” with protocol version “Internal Database”. Authentication method: “SecurID_Native”, Authentication policy exp: “”, Activation Group: “”, Token serial number: “000123456789”, Alias: “”
  • Bad tokencode, but good PIN detected for token serial number “000987654321” assigned to user “HQuinn” in security domain “ArkamAsylum” from “Internal Database” identity source


In your report, what shows as the reason your authentications failed?

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