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You should have had RSA Via Access!!!

My husband is a civil engineer, and as such works in consulting and needs to bill his hours.  He was out of the office visiting a client site this week and got home so late in the week that he didn't need to go back into the office.  We were in the car about to mentally start our weekend when he realized he hadn't logged his hours for the week yet.  If he had had RSA Via Access, he would have been able to log into his portal on his phone, access his timekeeping application, and have it be out of his mind, all while I was driving.  Instead, he had to email his admin that he would be late getting his hours in, and once we got home he had to log in on his corporate PC, connect to the VPN, and log his hours in the old fashioned way.  He was pretty annoyed, and didn't think I was being particularly helpful by waving around my Via App in front of his face

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