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Best way to export/import ALL DATA (with users)

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We are testing the new IGL 7.2 and it is truly beautiful and modern.
We are currently in version 7.1 with all the various standard configurations (collectors, connector, applications, Review ..).
Now, we have installed a new 7.2 IGL server on a new database (software bundle installation).
What is the correct procedure for importing all data from 7.1 to 7.2?

We tried to export / import from the console, but it seems that it only export the configurations: we are not able to have, for example, the list of all the users we collected in the 7.1. So the export seems to not contains all.

What best procedure should be followed?
(we prefer to not recollect them again in the 7.2 but instead have all users with an export/import)

Thank you

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I don't think you can export all the data via one export.

You must export your data seperatly (collectors, review definitions, identity collectors, role...)


By doing this, you won;t be able to export the already created requests, processed rules...

If you want to have these legacy data as well, then you must consider migrating your data from your previous database to your new newly deployed one (it should be done as part of the installation as far I know)

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Actually the way to export the "data + configuration” is to take a full database backup from your old database and restore it into your new database.


Once you import the old 7.1 database backup into you 7.2 database, upon application start-up you will be prompted to migrate the database from 7.1 to 7.2. After that is done, just restart the application again and you should have everything you had on 7.1 in your new 7.2.

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Export/import only handles system configuration (applications, rules, workflows, etc.) - it does NOT include business data (users, access, etc.). Never has done (and I don't see why it should).


Surely the correct approach, when installing into a new server (as opposed to upgrading in place) is to export your existing 7.1 database and import it into the new 7.2 database. As soon as you start up the application it will migrate your data.


Thanks all.

We need to have all info in the new 7.2 (included users) for this reason we prefer to have a full buckup/import.

Are there any specific commands that we can run or any specific process in order to be sure that we export all info from 7.1, import to 7.2 where we'll find both old 7.1 data + new 7.2 stuff?


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Thanks for comments on v7.2x, im glad you like the new UI!


Also, please see these guides here: RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Recommended Practices