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Disable JSP Compiler Cache in 7.2

Hi all,


the ones who develop JSPs may battle with this already: once you change a JSP and upload it, the new version doesn't become active until after the next aveksa_server restart. Alternatively, as discussed in @JSP Validation in 7.2 you could version your JSPs.

Both have disadvantages. The former takes ages and I don't want spent valuable time waiting for this thing to come back and the latter creates tons of file that I may need to clean up one-by-one and I may need to change config here and there to adjust to the new file name.


The quickest way I found out is to disable the compiler cache altogether. On development systems this is totally doable, low risk and can be rolled-back easily.


  1. find your
    (standard install in
  2. edit it and fine the line
    and change it to
  3. <jsp-config development="true" check-interval="1" modification-test-interval="1" recompile-on-fail="true"/>
  4. Save the file and restart the server
  5. done


Hope this helps



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Thanks a lot Frank Schubert‌!

Do you have any nice JSP examples to share maybe too, in another blog?


Pradeep Kumar‌ / Mostafa Helmy‌ - anything else to add to this too?


I think I would just emphasize what Frank already stated, which is this shouldn't be done on Production environments since it adds performance overhead on the application server to keep constantly checking and recompiling JSPs.


This wasn't a problem before on older versions of WildFly/JBoss since they behaved differently. So this new behaviour was done on purpose for performance reasons.


This is covered in the following KB article.