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2020 – NEW Promotional Sales offers for RSA IGL


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Team RSA IG&L is pleased to announce 2 new promotional offers to help Partners pursue and close RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle deals. After customer’s initial surge of RSA SecurID Access in response to moving to a mobile workforce, the next logical step and opportunity lies in Identity Governance. There are two discrete offers.


RSA IG&L 6 Month Trial

The [up to] 6-month software trial includes RSA Identity Governance Lite Subscription (SKU RSA-0018066). Customers get access to the software to run in their production environment to demonstrate solid ROI. Your customers are required to pay for QuickStart implementation services, that includes remote delivery of the product. The cost is $23,000 (discounted from $42,000) and helps ensure the success of the trial. Upon conversion of the trial to a subscription there is the possibility to discount product to offset part of the cost of the QuickStart.


RSA IG&L Identity and Access Risk Assessment

RSA Professional Services is offering a one-time audit of a customer’s RSA SecurID Access deployment. The offering is accomplished by using an RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Secure Lab instance of the solution and provides visibility into your customer’s newly expanded RSA SecurID Access estate. Deliverables include analysis of LDAP and SecurID Access extracts, presentation via IGL-created dashboards, reports, metrics and results. This service can set you apart as a trusted advisor and help generate pull-through product interest in the power of the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle solution.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will the offers be available on and mass marketed?
    • No, the offers are sales and Partner-led and will not be posted on or promoted on any of our social media channels. It is up to you to roll the offerings out to your customers.
  2. For the trial, how long does the QuickStart implementation take?
    • The QuickStart is a 10 day remotely delivered service, that deploys the software using customer production data and up to 5 applications
  3. For the trial, you call out a specific SKU.  Does the customer have any other choices?
    • We are trying to keep it simple for us and your customers, so we strongly encourage you to keep to the Identity Governance Lite Subscription. If a customer converts the trial to a paid subscription, they can select the modules of IG&L that makes sense for their needs.
  4. How long is the Risk Assessment?
    • The Access Risk Assessment is approximately 10 days of effort and will cost the customer $15,000. We will use 2 x 5 Day Expert on Demand SKU for ordering purposes.
  5. Can customers contact Customer Support with questions or issues during the IG&L trial?
    • Yes, customers are entitled to contact Support to help ensure a successful trial
  6. Is the software bundle option available in the trial if the customer doesn’t have the database component?
    • Yes, if the customer does not have the Oracle infrastructure, the Software Bundle would apply.


In April 2020, KuppingerCole published its Leadership Compass for Identity Governance and Administration.


KuppingerCole states:

“RSA IGL makes an excellent choice for organizations that have existing deployments of RSA security products and have primary IGA requirements for identity task automation, strong Access Governance”.


“RSA IGL shows specific strength in depth and breadth of out-of-the-box connectors to both on-premises and SaaS systems”


Read the report:

2020 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass: Identity Governance and Administration

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