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Achieve Business Agility - Account Templates and Naming Policies

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With a focus on helping organizations achieve business agility – we are proud to announce the release improvements to account templates in the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.0.2 Service Pack Release With this new release, an account template can leverage the power of naming policies directly.  In earlier releases, you could only use naming policies through a request form.  This meant that any request created from a source other than a request form would need special logic to create accounts.


With 7.0.2, whenever an account needs to be created the naming policy can be used to generate a unique name.  This is done by associating a naming policy right on the account template object:



Once associated, you can refer to the value of the naming policy like any other variable.  In this example, the calculated value is mapped directly to the name of the account with no additions:



Consider using this feature and remove the custom business logic from the workflow to calculate the name of the account to create.