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Achieve Business Agility - Request Form Workflows

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With a focus on helping organizations achieve business agility – we are proud to announce an improvement to request forms and workflows in the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.0.2 Service Pack Release 


Prior to this release, all request forms were processed using the request workflow that is configured on the Requests->Workflows->Overview screen for the explicit request source.  This has led to many customer workflows where business decision logic is needed to route the request differently based on the source.  This can help separate the business logic for a request form into it's own specific workflow.  Although many request forms should continue to go through the normal request workflow, this feature can help isolate your business logic for a specific form from all other workflows.


To configure this feature, edit a request workflow and select the appropriate request workflow using the picker shown beside the Request Workflow label:



Any requests that are generated using this request form are then processed using the configured request workflow.