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Announcing the Release of SecurID Governance & Lifecycle 7.5.2 Patch 3


SecurID Governance & Lifecycle announces the availability of Patch 3 for SecurID Governance & Lifecycle 7.5.2. This release contains numerous fixes and improvements. See the SecurID Governance & Lifecycle 7.5.2 Patch 3 Release Notes for information about the contents of the patch.

Recommendation: 7.5.2 Patch 3 is available as a patch and full installer. 7.5.2 original GA build has been replaced with the 7.5.2 P03 full installer. If you have installed 7.5.2 or later, you can apply the 7.5.2 P03 patch. Otherwise, SecurID recommends that you use the 7.5.2 P03 full installer for any new deployment or upgrade from earlier versions.

SecurID strongly recommends that customers upgrade to this latest version for the most recent updates, fixes supportability, and capabilities.

Obtaining Software and Documentation: The Release Notes and other product documentation are accessible under the SecurID Governance & Lifecycle Documentation Page, by selecting the corresponding product version.

  • You can access the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle software through the SecurID Governance & Lifecycle Downloads Page, and select the corresponding product version. On this Downloads page, select “Full Product Downloads” to be presented with a list of products that you are entitled based on the RSA products you have purchased. Select the appropriate license link to access the available RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle software downloads. Please contact RSA Customer Support if any licenses for products you have purchased are missing from the list.
  • If you have any questions about how to access the software downloads or what software files you need to upgrade your environment, please reference the "How do I find the SecurID Governance and Lifecycle software files that I need?" document on RSA Link.
  • For additional documentation, downloads, and more resources, visit the main SecuID Governance & Lifecycle space on RSA Link.

Additional Resources

For additional information about both the SecurID Governance & Lifecycle On-Premises and Cloud offerings, please contact your SecurID account team.

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