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Changes to Identity Management and Governance Branding


Thank you for being a valued customer of RSA!  We wanted to share some exciting news about our product branding.  RSA Identity Management and Governance (IMG) has been rebranded to RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance (RSA Via L&G).  As was announced in April, RSA rolled out RSA Via ( ), the smart identity solution that protects from endpoint to cloud.  RSA Via L&G are crucial pillars of this solution.  And, as an IMG customer (now RSA Via L&G customer), you are already a part of the Via family.

As we look forward to the upcoming RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance 7.0 release, you will notice the transition in nomenclature from IMG (Aveksa) to RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance (RSA Via L&G). It is still the same market leading product, but you will also have the upgrades and enhancements introduced in the 7.0 release.

I am sure you have questions that come to you mind and we are here to address them. Below is a brief Q&A for you to consult as a start. Please contact with any questions about branding or reach out to your account manager with additional questions.

Will I have to download software differently than before as a result of this branding change?

No. As a current IMG customer, you will still receive the same support and still be able to download software upgrades from SCOL for the RSA Via L&G 7.0 release and beyond.  

Will the product functionality change as a result of this branding change? Will my User Interface be different?

No. There will be no changes to the product functionality that you currently have licensed due to the branding change. The primary change that you will see is the use of ""RSA Via L&G"" nomenclature instead of ""IMG.""

Will the pricing of the product or the maintenance that I purchased that I purchased change or the names of the product that I already own change?

No. Individual modules will continue to stay active as you purchased them.  Any customer who needs to add users or upgrade to new modules can still do so. Given that you purchased the product when five modules were availableÑAccess Certification Manager, Access Request Manager, Access Fulfillment Express, Business Role Manager and Data Access Governance, you will continue to be able to purchase and obtain upgrades for these modules. .

So, what will change other than just the product label and brand?

The branding change will be for new customers of RSA Via L&G.  The difference, however, only impacts packaging of the product capabilities. These will not affect how we will deliver the product to our current customers.  The packaging changes include:
  -  RSA Via Governance: gives visibility and insight into who has access to what, and conduct access reviews, making it possible to achieve sustainable compliance. This is the new name for the Access Certification Manager (ACM) module.
  -  RSA Via Lifecycle: simplifies and automates how access is requested, approved and delivered. This new packaging includes the functionality of Access Request Manager (ARM) and Access Fulfillment Express (AFX) modules and includes policies and collection abilities to support these processes.
  -  Data Access Governance and Business Role Manager modules remain unchanged.

Look forward to more news about RSA Via Lifecycle and Governance 7.0 in the coming weeks.  Your feedback is valuable and is used to prioritize new features and functionality for future product releases.


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