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Display views for new Review User Interface

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RSA Identity and Governance Release 7.1 introduced a new interface for user access reviews, to provide a better user experience and improve efficiency in performing reviews with help of analytics-based prioritization and identification of high risk access and violations.


To continue enhancing the enriched user experience, the Display Views feature for the new user interface (for user access and rule remediation reviews) is introduced in Identity Governance and Lifecycle Service Pack Release v 7.1.1.

With the introduction of Display Views, you now have ability to organize review items in multiple ways to meet your requirements.



Here are some of the capabilities added to support Display Views in version 7.1.1.


Select multiple display views in review definition

The system now supports using display views in the legacy as well as the new user interface (for user access and rule remediation reviews). When more than one display views are selected in the review definition, the resulting review in the new user interface lists the display views in the left panel above Guidance and Analysis.


Custom display views

You can now define custom display views that can be used for the legacy user interface as well as the new user interface. The process to create custom display views is same as that for the legacy user interface. When custom display view definitions are used with new user interface:

  • Only the first six selected columns (from the custom view definition) are visible to the user in the new user interface.
  • The new user interface ignores the "grouping" configuration of the custom display view definition.


For additional information, follow the online help pages.


Here is a video on display views.


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We are on IGL 7.1.0 P3 and are moving to use this new Review Interface Style for our User Access Review.  We noticed that the other types of Reviews (e.g. Group, Role, Account, Data Resource) do not have the radio-button to use the new format.  Is there a plan to use the new style for these other review types?  If so, what is the planned Release/Patch?

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A very well done 5 minute video answered the exact problem I was trying to resolve.  With older versions of IGL, administrators could set a modified view as the "Default View" for all users.  That's not available in the new interface, which at first I was frustrated, but the solution is so much better.  Depending on the application being reviewed, the default view needs 'tweaking', but with the legacy interface, there could only be one default view. The new solutions allows administrators to customize the default view by review definition.  This will make a huge difference in the user experience.  Thank you!