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Four-stage Requests Workflow

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This is a workflow is implemented starting from the Delegated approvals with default workflow.

The workflow implements the following four-stage pattern:

- Policy analysis - performed outside the workflow with the definition of rules (SOD,dependencies, training or other requirements, sensitive access, risk/quality scores, etc.)

- Business Manager approval (recipients' supervisors, BU manager, project managers, etc.)

- Resource/Account/Form owner approval — Individual or group approvers associated with resources, accounts or form (repest process)

- Policy Violation Manager(s) - unresolved policy violations may require additional

approval steps by the Violation Manager(s).

This can be used as a default workflow, or for specific applications or forms.

1.four-stage request.png

Note: the workflow is provided as-is, as a sample of implementation, no official support is provided by RSA.