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Frequently Asked Questions: RSA Ideas for RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle

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What are Ideas on RSA Link?

Ideas on RSA Link provide a mechanism for requesting enhancements, per product, in one definitive area, and encourage registered RSA Link users to tap into the power of crowdsourcing.


Idea enhancement categories include: Platform, Use Cases, Services, and Documentation, plus enhancement ideas for RSA Link, Processes, Experiences, and Other, should your enhancement request not fit into one of the specified Categories.


Once your idea is created, other community users will be able to vote on the enhancement and/or add comments to build upon the original idea in an effort to make the idea more appealing to a larger group of organizations.


Most importantly, idea creation fosters a culture of innovation, providing registered RSA Link users with a voice in future enhancement consideration across the RSA product portfolio and RSA services.



How do I access the Ideas feature for my product?

Registered RSA Link users can view and submit ideas by navigating to one of the pages below.



How do I create an idea that gets attention?

Creating an enhancement idea is easy; getting the most attention and support for the idea takes a bit more time on your part, but is simple and worth the effort if you follow these steps when creating your idea:

  1. Click on the Submit an Idea button underneath the search bar, or click on the Actions button in the top-right corner and select the Idea option.


  2. Provide a title for your enhancement idea.

  3. Add as much content as necessary and make sure your enhancement includes:
    • User Persona (who will benefit from the request, e.g. compliance officer, systems administrator, etc.)
    • Detailed description of the enhancement request (include screenshots and anything else that will help illustrate the feature)
    • Briefly describe the issue and the expected benefit from this enhancement (in short, what problem is it solving?)
    • Impact - Describe the frequency or amount of effort and/or time savings this enhancement will provide

  4. Add keywords (known as tags) in the Tag This Idea section that relate to your idea.

  5. Select an Idea Category for the enhancement from the list provided at the bottom of the page.
  6. Once you are satisfied with your post, click the Create Idea button.

  7. Work with other community users from other organizations to Vote Up your idea.  (Each vote is worth 5 points)  Everyone can vote once on each idea submitted, including your own.  Remember, it's not only votes that matter, but also the number of unique organizations that the enhancement will benefit.



How can I view any or or all enhancement ideas that have already been posted?

Click on the View All Ideas button underneath the search bar, which will display all ideas that have been posted and where you will have the ability to filter the list by category and/or sort the list based on the number of votes, the date the idea was created, or other criteria. 


You can also quickly filter the list by category of current status (referred to as stages) by using the links in the right column of the page.  The ideas with the highest number of votes will also be displayed on the main page under the section entitled IDEAS WITH THE HIGHEST VOTES.




How do I follow up on ideas I've submitted or am interested in?

Using the My Ideas section in the right column of the RSA Ideas for RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle page you can quickly access ideas that you've submitted, voted on, followed or viewed. Simply click on a hyperlink in that section to display a filtered list of these ideas.




What if I want to expand on an idea that has already been created?

Expanding on an enhancement idea is easy on RSA Link.  Simply click on the Add a Comment button and add your additional enhancement recommendations to the previously posted idea.  Again, be sure you have also voted for the idea!



How does voting work?

Registered RSA Link users can vote on any enhancement idea.  Votes are worth 5 points and everyone can vote once per idea.  Remember, however, that even though the number of votes is important, so is the number of unique organizations who also vote for the idea.



What do the different stages mean?

When an enhancement idea is created, the idea immediately moves into the Proposed stage.


Ideas must reach a certain threshold before moving into a new stage.  Thresholds are set by RSA internal teams and are based not only on total votes received but also the number of unique organizations that have voted for the idea.


During progression into the different stages, an enhancement idea will be tracked within an internal ticketing system and will be reviewed by RSA Product Management for possible inclusion in the product enhancement roadmap.


Stages and descriptions include:


StageDescriptionVoting Allowed?
ProposedThis stage is for an idea that has been created within the past year but has not reached a threshold for consideration.Yes
Under ReviewThis stage is for an idea that has reached the threshold for consideration and is awaiting triage by the Product Team.Yes
ApprovedThis stage is for an idea that has been triaged by the Product Team, aligns with product direction, and has been moved to the Engineering or Product Backlog or added to a future release.Yes
Already OfferedThis stage is for an idea that ha reached the threshold for considered but is a feature that is already available.No
Does Not AlignThis stage is for an idea that has reached the threshold for consideration, has been reviewed, and does not align with the product direction.No
Information RequestedThis stage is for an idea that has been created but requires more details in order to be considered as a viable product enhancement.Yes
DuplicateThis stage is for an idea that is a duplicate of an existing idea that has been previously submitted.No
ImplementedThis stage is for an idea that has already been implemented into a release and has been made available for customers.No
ExpiredThis stage is for an idea that has been created within the past year but never reached a threshold for consideration and is therefore has been archived.  To re-submit an idea with this stage, a new idea should be created.No



Is the Ideas feature on RSA Link my only vehicle for sharing product enhancement requests?

The Ideas feature on RSA Link gives us one definitive avenue to capture your enhancement idea so that all ideas receive timely and equal review.  Going forward, the Ideas feature on RSA Link should be the method for customers who wish to submit an enhancement idea.


For RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle there are also some secondary avenues, such as:

  • User Groups:  Customer-led user groups have been helpful in guiding roadmap decisions in the past.  RSA encourages user group leaders to consolidate user feedback and post them as Ideas on RSA Link.



What's in it for RSA?

Crowdsourcing drives innovation, problem solving and efficiency.


If an enhancement idea will provide significant value to a large group of customers, RSA may add the enhancement to its product roadmap.  Enhancement idea creation also provides RSA with the ability to harness the creativity of the RSA product users.