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Technology has taken the worry out of having to watch systems activities continuously for changes and updates.  Of course, that’s a good thing when done right.  With responsibilities over several systems and countless other business functions on the job, how could you possibility spend time productively focused on a single system while all else goes completely unattended?  To aid in our responsibility to maintain several systems, we develop KPIs, set alarms and thresholds, and review or address them when some pre-set threshold is reached.    It’s really the only way to productively manage technology in the modern environment.

The more sophisticated technology we use, the more tools we need to manage it, and hence, the greater responsibility.  Ironically, much of the complex technology we develop to free us from tedious and non-productive work often requires us to make frequent technological tweaks and adjustments.  We, therefore, trade one set of responsibilities for another.  It’s the nature of working in the digital age.



Unfortunately for some, the abundance of technology in all aspects of our lives sometimes causes us to develop an irresponsible, “set and forget” mentality.  In our RSA IAM video, posted to the community, we introduce a short story of how this set and forget way of thinking can lead to massive breaches. In our concluding recommendations, we include the important step of periodically reviewing who has access to what information through our IMG provisioning and governance tool solutions. These solutions help to facilitate the need to keep a watchful eye open.



Have you developed a set and forget attitude? If you have, improper access to your valuable data is a breach waiting to happen.  I invite you to watch the video -- and your data.