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How To Configure Test Authenticator on IBM Web Sphere

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Configuring an authentication source for testing purposes is pretty straight forward on a RSA Identity G&L hardware or software appliance. However doing so on IBM Web Sphere (a software only deployment model) takes some additional steps and the product documentation touches upon these configurations. This post is intended to be a step by step guide on getting a test authentication source setup in minutes.


The first part of the configuration is identical to a RSA Identity G&L software or hardware appliance. Following steps define an 'TestAuth' test authentication source.



  1. Login to RSA Identity G&L console as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Admin > System > Authentication.
  3. Click on Create Authentication Source and configure as shown below. Note the name of the authentication source 'TestAuth'. Click OK.              


  4. Provide a suitable password and Click OK.8.png

The second part of the configuration is defining the JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service) Provider on IBM Web Sphere. Following steps explains the configuration.



  1. Login to Web Sphere Integrated Solutions Console as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to Security > Global Security. Under Authentication, expand Java Authentication and Authorization Service and click on Application Logins. 1 WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console.png
  3. Click on New.


  4. Under General Properties enter the Alias as 'TestAuth' (Must match the name of the authentication source previously defined on RSA Identity G&L previously). Click Apply.3.png
  5. Under JAAS login modules, click New.4.png
  6. Enter the configuration as shown below and click Apply.5.png
  7. Click Save.


  8. For the changes to take effect, the application server instance needs to be restarted. Navigate to Server > All Servers, to stop and start the server as shown below.




Finally login to the RSA Identity G&L console with existing user ID, test password  and selecting 'TestAuth' authentication source from the drop down on the login page.