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How to make your RSA Idea stand out!

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When RSA is looking at enhancing the product there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. What is the benefit to our customers? What is the impact of making a change? What is the priority of this change verses others enhancements.

To help your idea be the more impactful it can be and get the visibility it deserves here are a few guidelines to help you define your idea.

  • What is the use case you are looking to solve?


Putting the use case in the title and detailing it at the start of your idea will help people to understand what you are looking to achieve. Define at a high level what it is that you are looking to do, if possible in business or non-technical way. This should not be details of specific technical changes in the product.

Providing the information this way allows us to look at all of the options to approach the idea.

Example: RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle should have the ability to resend a request to AFX after it fails. This ability should be configurable from the UI.

  • What is the benefit you are looking to achieve?


Detail the benefits you could achieve by enhancing the product to meet this use case, is there a quantifiable benefit? How would it improve your life or the lives of your users? If it needed to meet a corporate objective or regulation?

Example: A retry mechanism we will reduce manual labour and possible errors that are part of making a manual change

  • Example of what would change in the product

Detail the changes you might see in the product to meet your enhancement use case. A lot of the Idea’s in Link today start with this type of information. It is very much needed but it also leads to questions like “What is the overall objective of what they are trying to do?” and “Is there a different way to do it that would add more benefit or be easier to implement?”

Another factor is other people might not understand your idea or its benefit and therefore will not vote for it!

Example(s): If the endpoint was down for some reason and now its back up and we want to resend the same request to AFX.

If the endpoint is down send the request to another AFX endpoint.

If the endpoint is down send a notification to an administrator and wait for them to select the retry option in the UI.

I hope this helps you create some cool new ideas that will help everybody in being successful in implementing and managing the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle platform.

Thank you very much for all of your support!