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HowTo: Insert a header logo into tabular reports

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Following a post that Frank posted a while ago: HowTo: Insert a watermark into tabular reports


There may be a requirement of branding the reports results with a customer logo. See example with a logo below (relevant logo to these days )

The way to achieve this only works for PDF or RTF exports of a report result.




First you need to export the template.



Upload your logo via: Admin --> User Interface --> Files


Open that jrxml file in a text editor.

Locate the <pageHeader> tag:




Then modify the content of that tag to look something like that:




The code from the image (for easier cut-n-paste):




        <band height="62" splitType="Stretch">    

            <image onErrorType="Blank" evaluationTime="Now">

                <reportElement x="0" y="1" width="1000" height="37"/>






Then you can import that modified report template again. You can only do this, when you create a new report.


Again, this ONLY works for PDF or RTF exported report results