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IG&L Install - IntelBugCheck Failure (noelision)

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During the install of IG&L 7.1, the Intel Bug Check can fail. According to SUSE support this is because some third-party applications installed on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server require the 'Hardware Lock Elision' functionality to be disabled.


Below is a link to the knowledge article (7022289) with instructions on how to resolve it.


How to disable Hardware Lock Elision | Support | SUSE 


However, even once implemented as per this article, the IG&L prerequisites still fail on the CPU check. This is as a result of how the IG&L install checks for the fix.


Steps 1, 2 and 4 are those provided by SUSE (in the link above) to resolve the issue, however step 3 is also required to ensure the IG&L install checks will be successful.


  1. Create file  - /etc/ 
  2. Add the following line to noelision.conf - /lib64/noelision
  3. Add /lib64/noelision to (additional step for IG&L check)
  4. Run ldconfig