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Implementation Blueprint: Varonis DataPrivilege®

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The RSA® Identity Governance Service Team recently published a new Implementation Blueprint for integrating RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle with Varonis DataPrivilege®.  Together RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle and Varonis deliver a data access governance solution that allows centralized management and control of unstructured data to quickly detect and mitigate access risks ensuring continuous compliance.


This Implementation Blueprint will help the business to quickly detect security and compliance access risks and amend access entitlements issues associated with unstructured data


This Implementation Blueprint provides the following benefits:

  • Enhanced visibility and control of unstructured data directly within RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle.
  • Ensures users are granted appropriate access permissions in accordance with the organization’s access policies.
  • Reduces the attack surface and enhances regulatory compliance by limiting access privileges and deactivating stale/orphaned accounts.
  • Automate provisioning and de-provisioning of access permissions


Key Use Cases:

  • Unstructured data access certifications
  • Self-service access request for unstructured data
  • Data owner approval of access requests
  • Automate access requests and revocations to Varonis


For more information on RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Implementation Blueprints, please visit or contact an RSA representative.

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