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Informal Learning in the Digital Age

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As a working adult, where do you go to stay current in your profession?  Where do you find the latest practices and methodologies?  The products and services you use in your daily work?  Or the latest releases and reviews?  Are you enrolling in formal educational programs at your local college or university to get a broad overview?  Or, are you going to training seminars regularly on your company’s dime and on your company’s time?


Most likely, as a working adult in 2014, your education and training style has shifted over the past several years to informal.  Informal education means that you’re learning on your own without a formal instructor or trainer.  Informal education today typically takes place online and often through Web 2.0 media, such as blogs, wikis, discussions, videos, and podcasts.   An online community of interest can be your one-stop shop for accessing various content specific to your topic.  Sure, you can visit several websites across the World “Wild” Web, but as an adult engaged in informal, self-learning, do you know whether what you’re reading is vetted truth, or simply someone’s wild opinion?  As an informal learner today, meaning-making comes from non-formal education, which you can only get from vetted, true professionals and experts.  But where do you find them?

If you’re interested in security and IAM (Identity and Access Management), a good online community to join is the RSA IAM Community.  Here, whether you’re simply interested in security or Identity and Access Management, or even if you’re already a loyal user of RSA products, you can learn more about various related security topics and specific RSA security products like IMG, Authentication Manager, and SecurID from experts.  Check out the videos, podcasts, expert technical blogs, and discussions there. You’re in good company with professionals inside and outside RSA who have bookmarked the IAM Community in their personal learning network (PLN), which they use for informal learning and share with colleagues.  Check it out at and add the URL to your PLN. See you online.