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Log files in RSA Via

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Log files in G&L


The Wildfly server and the RSA Via L&G application both provide log files that can help you

pinpoint problems that may occur because of configuration irregularities or with RSA Via L&G at


l The home/oracle/wildfly/standalone/log/server.log file is the Wildfly runtime log file.

The following RSA Via L&G log files are located in WildFly in the

/home/oracle/wildfly/standalone/log directory:

l The aveksaServerInfo.log file provides configuration information about the RSA Via L&G

application server configuration. This includes application version information, Java JVM

settings, database configuration, and application module configurations.

l The aveksaServer.log file provides information on the RSA Via L&Gserver execution. For

information on managing aveksaServer.log views in the RSA Via L&G user interface, see the

Help topic, "Application Log Administration."

Appendix B: Troubleshooting 105

Installation Guide

l The create.log file provides information about interactions involved with deploying and/or

migrating schema changes to the database. Problems with the database deployment may cause

problems initializing the RSA Via L&G application.

l run-once.log file provides information about script-driven hot fix installations.

l The reporting-user-synonyms.log file provides information about updates to user synonyms in the

avdwdb data source.

l The public-schema-synonyms.log file provides information about updates to user synonyms in the

acmdb data source.

The migrate.log file is located in the /home/oracle/database/log/migrate.log directory:

l The migrate.log file provides information about database migration phases.


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