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New Feature: Customer Specific Business Justifications

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Is your most common free text justification for exceptional access aslkd;fjva;sblkfjsadb;klsdjbf?   Not anymore!  In the recent RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.0.1 Service Pack release we have added customer specific business justifications for exceptional access grants for rule violations.  Business justifications are a defined list of justifications that a business user would select when granting exceptional access.


  • Create a standard set of business user justifications granting exceptional access to a rule violation
  • Normalize justifications into something that can be analyzed and included in reporting
  • Avoid free text justifications to exceptional access




The configuration for business justifications can be found on the Rules -> Configuration in the product. The administrator can determine the specific choices remediators can make for exception access grants. Sets of justifications can be grouped together as justification sets to be applied against a rule.