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New Feature: Data Access Governance Your Way

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In the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.2.1 release, we have enhanced our Data Access Collectors with an open, flexible collection framework for unstructured data access governance capabilities. These improvements allow you to leverage the data crawler of your choice; including the ability to easily integrate with industry unstructured data solutions, such as from Varonis, using out-of-the-box templates.


Our Data Access Collectors have been enhanced in two major areas:


New End Point Support for Varonis DatAdvantage


The Varonis DatAdvantage solution aggregates permission information across the enterprise. A new out-of-the-box Data Access Collector for Varonis DatAdvantage allows you to collect permissions on folders for Domain Accounts and Domain Groups, along with the folder owners as Resource owners into your RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Solution. Our collector uses their REST API to collect information.


StealthAudit Collector Improvements


A new StealthAudit Data Access Collector has been added that leverages OOTB views from the StealthAudit platform. This new collector now allows organizations to collect from current StealthAudit versions.


Previously, RSA Compatibility views were required to be installed in the StealthAudit database. These compatibility views are no longer required, and all StealthAudit collectors created in prior releases will require a migration to leverage the new StealthAudit collector to leverage the OOTB views.  The migration of the collector is easily performed through the UI.



This new collector will no longer require an additional Activity Monitoring license for determining probable owners. While we will still continue to support the old version of the collector; we strongly encourage customers to migrate older collectors to this improved version as the compatibility views may be deprecated in the StealthAudit platform in the future.


As part of the updates to the StealthAudit collector, RSA will no longer provide a separate unstructured data access crawler component.

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