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New Feature: Introducing Global Variables

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In the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle version 7.5  release, Global Variables have been added. Global Variables are constants that can be defined at the system level for use in both workflow and email templates. These global variables are defined on the "Admin -> System -> Global Variables" page. Customers can use global variables to make it easier to define these constants once and use them across multiple workflow and email templates.


The Context Menu in the workflows has been enhanced to have a 'Global Variables' menu item that will list all the global variables defined in the system - allowing them to be added to workflow as variables that will be replaced during run time.


The email template wizard has also been enhanced to list all global variables for inclusion in the Subject and the Body of the respective email template.


When the value of the global variable is changed, it will be reflected whenever the workflows get executed next time or when the emails are sent out without having to individually edit the workflows or the email templates.