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New Feature: Oracle 19C Upgrade

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With the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle version 7.5 release, our appliance will now require the use of an Oracle 19C database version. During the normal install process, you will be prompted to upgrade the database version.

  • Before running the (database component) upgrade, you must first apply the latest appliance updater to apply the latest database patches.
  • If you are on an appliance and select ‘No’, the installation / upgrade will not proceed and exit.
  • If you select ‘Yes’, the install will then start the upgrade of the database component.
  • At the end of the database upgrade it will require a server reboot.
  • When the server is restarted you can continue with application install and upgrade to take advantage of the latest version.

On restart of the install after the upgrade and reboot, the install will remove the old 12.1 version of Oracle to reclaim space.

We will continue to support Oracle 12C as a database, but that will be in a remote database configuration. We do strongly urge customers to upgrade their database component as soon as possible, as Oracle 12.1 has reached EOL by Oracle.

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