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New Feature: Reprocessing Interrupted Collections

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In the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.2.1 release, we have enhanced the collection processes to save time and resources by allowing the re-processing of collected data, which was tripped by a circuit breaker threshold. For example, when collecting a significant number of valid changes to an application(s) and the Circuit Breaker is tripped, the reprocessing capability provide the ability to continue and process the already collected data.


This means that there will be no additional interactions with the endpoint to “re-collect” the data. The data that was collected before the circuit break being tripped is used for the processing phase. As part of the re-processing action, the Circuit Breaker will be suspended/ignored.


A collection process that is tripped by the Circuit Breaker will have a Status of “Aborted (Circuit Breaker)” and on the Details Page for the collection run, the ability to “Re-Process Data” button is now available if you want to just re-process the collected data. After the confirmation dialogue, and choosing to re-process, the data processing will continue (with the Circuit Breaker settings being ignored).


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