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New Feature: Role Metadata Changes Visibility in Change Requests

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With the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle version 7.5 release, when changes to role attributes (ownership, attribute meta-data, etc.) are made, the resulting change request now includes those specific changes so they are easily identified, viewed and presented in the approval process to the business user/approver. This also provides traceability of the changes and helps to identify what was approved for audit purposes.

  • With this implementation, the Role Changes section of the created Change Request will display Action as 'Change', and the column 'Entitlement Name' will display a hyperlink with a number indicating how many metadata changes were made to the role (for instance “3 Attributes", "5 Attributes" and so on). Here, the number indicates how many fields of the Role are updated (such as descriptions, ownership, attribute meta-data, type, etc.).
  • Upon clicking on hyperlink under Entitlement Name column, a dialogue will be displayed with field names which were updated along with their old and new values. For Members and Entitlement changes to the role structure, separate change line items for these with the Action "Add/Remove" will be displayed (current functionality).
  • Only for role updates, we see the hyperlink and will show changes made to that role on clicking the hyperlink through a dialog. These changes are not available for a new role creation or deletion, only when role updates are made.
  • Updates to role attributes from role management or role review resulting in change request, will capture the modified role attribute details in the change request.