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New Feature: Simplified Access Request Summary and Request Details

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Customers are often asking when viewing the access request summary screen, can the information that is displayed to business users be reduced? As there is often too much of information presented and it’s often causing confusion around what the actual request is? Many times, this information is extraneous, not relevant for many (especially business) users and can also, at times, create performance challenges with (screen rendering), especially when displaying a huge workflow assignment tree. With RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle version 7.5 , the following changes have been made to the access request summary screen to provide an improved, streamlined, and simplified experience.

  1. The status bar on the access request detail page is now simplified, showing only the stages of the change request along with the current stage that the request is in.
  2. The workflow tree is no longer displayed on the detail page – reducing screen clutter, optimizing usability, and improving the performance around rendering of the screen. The workflow tree can still be reviewed in the Advanced tab of the access request summary screen.
  3. All the additional change request attributes and the workflow variables are now displayed under the 'Additional Information' section – which is now collapsed by default.
  4. The Edit and Cancel buttons have been moved to the right of the status bar and changed to icons.
  5. With all above simplifications, the items in the change request are more visible directly to the end user.
  6. The approvals, activities, attachments, and workflow of the change request are now available in their own respective tabs on the access request summary screen.