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New Feature: Uploading Custom JAR files for Workflow Nodes and Collectors

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With the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle version 7.5 release, new jar upload capabilities have been added to make it easy for customers to upload their custom jars for both workflow java nodes and collectors. This capability allows you to avoid the repackaging of the EARs with these new jars, which was a process some deployments used previously.


Adding and making specific jars available for workflows are now uploaded using the Custom Code tab that is available in the Admin -> Workflow menu.

Jars uploaded here will be available immediately for use by the Workflow Java Nodes without having to restart the server. Java Nodes can be configured to use any of the jars that has been uploaded.



You can now also include and upload specific external jars for your collectors. Similar to uploading workflow jar files, this allows you to avoid the repackaging of the EARs and allows you to upload these files directly from within the user interface.

The external jars can be uploaded using the External Jars page from the Collectors -> External Jars menu.

The jars uploaded here are available in the class path for collectors on both local and remote agents.