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New Feature - Workflow Monitoring

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Ever wondered what the workflow engine is doing?  While you can see at a high level the phase your request is in, there are times where it is useful to ensure the workflow engine is running and how busy it is.


We are proud to announce the release of the workflow monitoring feature in the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.0.2 Service Pack Release .  


This feature is located on the Monitoring screen found under the Admin->Workflow menu.  This screen has a few purposes:

  • List the name and state of all the configured queues associated with the workflow engine
  • Show how hard the workflow engine is work (Number of Items Serviced)
  • Show how much work there is to do still (Queue Size)


While I can's tell exactly where my change request might be in a long line of work to do, this screen will help us understand that things are still moving and how much volume there is.  This screen will update the metrics every minute shows a real time glimpse into the workflow engine with scrolling graphs. 


NOTE: This information is not written to any database tables for historical review.  The screen is purely meant for real time inspections of the system.

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