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Reimagine Your Identity Strategy

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This was a blog published by Jim Ducharme on Feb 13, 2017.


We are at the edge of yet another evolution for the Identity and Access Management (IAM) industry. Applications are being deployed at incredible speeds with user populations demanding access from wherever they are, whenever they want, from any device. The network is no longer clearly defined, in fact, identity is the new perimeter. Regulations and compliance demands are still present, and always growing as are the external threats. The hackers are getting smarter and they have honed in on identity as the best way in – yes, identity is the most consequential attack vector.

As a result, identity is the most important entity to manage, control and vigilantly defend. But not at the cost of slowing down innovation or growth. Users are frustrated and feeling overburdened, IT is losing control and business growth is being hindered.


What is your IT security team to do? Continue business as usual? Try to do the best you can with what you have? Make end users and the business clear more hurdles to deploy their new initiatives and applications?


We think not. At RSA, we want to help you accelerate your business without fear. To replace fear with confidence. To make identity easy, not risky.


Remember when you were young? You approached the world with hope, optimism and imagination –you were not bogged down by insecurities and skepticism. You believed you could be anything you wanted to be if you just did a little hard work.


With a fresh take on your identity and access management strategy and technology, you can get that child-like ambition and freedom to innovate back again. RSA is challenging you to evaluate how you are approaching the areas of identity governance, identity assurance and lifecycle management. What worked a few years ago may no longer serve you well as you strive to meet the needs of today’s modern workforce.

Enter RSA SecurID® Suite.

@RSA SecurID Suite is the industry’s trusted source for multi-factor authentication, a leading provider in the identity and access governance market, and provides business-driven security solutions for over 25,000 organizations today. We are well known and highly regarded for our tokens, but we’re much more than the token company. Our innovations in identity and access assurance (such as risk analytics and context-based awareness) give you the ability to prioritize, to analyze, to act with insight, and to deliver convenient and secure access in a world without boundaries.


Deliver Secure Access in a World without Boundaries with RSA SecurID Access

RSA SecurID Access, the industry’s most advanced identity assurance solution, gives your users convenient access and the ability to innovate, accelerate and collaborate. And, it ensures that people are who they say they are giving you the ability to prevent identity risks from becoming a drag on your business. Today we announced three new editions and flexible configurations to meet the needs of your modern enterprise. Learn more here.


Bring Identity Risk into Focus with RSA® Identity Governance and Lifecycle

RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle solutions protect your business from the identity and access risks that arise in today’s boundary-less world and enable your dynamic user population to get the access they need when they need it. With RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle, you can react to the ever-changing identity risks, quantify your ability to mitigate them, and act with insight. We have seamlessly integrated our solutions with RSA Archer®, the industry’s leading business risk management suite, to help customers confidently advance their command of identity risk with a holistic, active view of risk across applications, users and their entitlements. Learn more about RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle.


Are You Ready to Reimagine Your Identity Strategy?

See what RSA can do for your organization. We are here and ready to help you take your business to the moon – if that’s where you want to go.