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RSA Announces the Availability of RSA Identity Management and Governance 6.9.1 Patch 04

RSA announces the availability of Patch 04 for RSA Identity Management and Governance version 6.9.1.  This release contains numerous fixes and improvements. See the Release Notes for additional information about the contents of the patch (

The latest RSA IMG Appliance Updater is also provided with the release that enables a customer to update their RSA IMG hardware appliance with patches for the database and operating system components.  An additional IMG Appliance Updater file is provided with this release for updating appliances with Red Hat operating system components.  The IMG Appliance Updater can be used to upgrade appliances running IMG 6.8.1 or later.

RSA strongly recommends that customers upgrade to this latest update.  Please note that all patches are cumulative.

Obtaining Software:
Customers can obtain the documentation and software for this release by downloading them from SecurCare Online (SCOL). (

To download the IMG 6.9.1 patch 04 documentation, including Release Notes, please access the ""RSA Identity Management & Governance 6.9.1 P04"" product documentation page (  This is accessible under the ""RSA Identity Management and Governance (formerly Aveksa)"" product page.

To download the IMG 6.9.1 patch 04 software, after logging into SCOL, you can select the ""My Support"" link at the top of the page or the ""Version Upgrades"" link on the Identity Management and Governance product page.  On either of these pages you will be presented with a list of products that you are entitled to based on the RSA products you have purchased. Select the appropriate license link to access the available Identity Management & Governance software downloads. If you do not have this license in your list of products, then please contact RSA Customer Support.

          RSA Customer Support:
          IMG Version Upgrades link:

Join the RSA IMG Community
Use the RSA IMG Community to interact with your peers, other RSA Via IMG users, implementation partners and RSA consultants. You can post comments, ask questions, or answer questions that others have posted.  Whether you are a brand new customer of RSA IMG, or have been using the product for years, we believe that youÕll find this private community to be valuable.

The RSA IMG Community is a private community and is only available to RSA IMG clients, partners and internal RSA staff.  To join the RSA IMG Community, please complete the following steps:
1.  Register an account on the EMC Community Network (ECN):
2. Complete the RSA IMG Access Request form. This is a one-time only event that allows your account to access the RSA Via L&G Community. Please ensure you add in your partner or client name, so we can confirm who you are.


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