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RSA Announces the Availability of the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.1 Release



RSA is proud to announce the availability of RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle version 7.1. RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle simplifies how access is governed and streamlines access requests and fulfillment to deliver continuous assurance of compliance by automating the management of user entitlements throughout the user’s lifecycle.


Highlighted below are some changes to key areas of the product in this release. Summaries and videos describing the product changes are available at the linked pages associated with each area below. See the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.1 Release Notes for additional information about the contents of this release.

New User Access Review Experience:  Improve visibility, reduce frustrations and improve review effectiveness by simplifying the business user access review experience. Access reviews now leverage risk analytics to surface the highest priority items to the business reviewer around critical and high-risk items; such as violations, access that was previously revoked, access to an application that is deemed highly critical and/or containing privileged access. This new experience includes a Review Analysis and Guidance panel, coupled with advanced filtering, to reduce the volume of items and allows the reviewer to easily navigate, focusing on the areas of the most critical and greatest risk – ensuring business users are more effective at eliminating inappropriate access.

Mitigating Controls for Policy Violations: Reduce risk and adhere to corporate policy by providing clarity and associating mitigating controls information when granting exceptional access to policy violations. Mitigating control information can be specified for both separation of duties (SoD) and user access (UA) based rules.

Workflow Status Dashboard:  Workflow enhancements through improved dashboards and controls improve visibility and control over request prioritization and execution. These enhanced dashboards graphically display information about system workflow queues, and help organizations detect problems by notifying administrators and displaying status icons (warning, error, critical) for conditions that can impact workflow performance.

Data Archiving:  New data archiving capabilities allow users to have a simplified view of the most relevant information while still allowing for the retrieval of historical, now archived data for auditing and reporting. Archiving data reduces the size of the database and the resources needed by the database to help the system run more efficiently.

Leveraging your CyberArk Password Vault:  Adhering to corporate password security policies, leverage your CyberArk centralized password vault solution to store and manage your RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle collector and connector credentials.

Virtual Application Deployment:  Improved installation and manageability of the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle platform within virtualized environments. The RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle application can now be deployed as a virtual application (OVA).

Additional Platform Support: The following platform updates have been made:

  • Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 12 SP2
  • New hardware appliances will be built with SLES 12 SP2
  • Java 8 Support
  • WildFly version 10 (Software Bundle deployment model)
  • WebLogic 12.2 support (Software Only deployment model)
  • WebSphere 9 support (Software Only deployment model)


RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.1 does not support Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 5.x. Customers who have existing deployments on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x must upgrade to a supported operating system.

Reference the updated RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Platform Datasheet and Support Matrix for additional information on supported platforms.


RSA strongly recommends that customers upgrade to this latest update.

Customers on versions 7.0.x or 6.x can upgrade directly to this 7.1 release.



Obtaining Software and Documentation:
The Release Notes and other product documentation are accessible under the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle 7.1 documentation space.

You can access the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.1 software via the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle 7.1 Downloads space. At the bottom of this Downloads page, select “Version Upgrades” to be presented with a list of products that you are entitled based on the RSA products you have purchased. Select the appropriate license link to access the available RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle software downloads. Please contact RSA Customer Support if any licenses for products you have purchased are missing from the list.


If you have any questions about how to access the software downloads or what software files you need to upgrade your environment, please reference the "How do I find the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle software files that I need? " document on RSA Link.

For additional documentation, downloads, and more, visit the RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle space on RSA Link.



EOPS Policy:
RSA has a defined End of Primary Support (EOPS) policy associated with all major versions. Please refer to the Product Version Life Cycle for additional details.

With the availability of this version 7.1 release, we are also announcing that the EOPS milestone date for version 7.0.x will be August 2019.

If you need assistance in upgrading your environment to the latest version, please contact your RSA Account Team or RSA Customer Support.

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