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RSA Announces the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle R640 XL Hardware Appliance


RSA is excited to announce the new R640 XL Hardware Appliance model to power your RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle solution, which includes the latest technology updates, including SSD drives. This appliance model will be available to order in October 2020 and will replace all previous appliance models. 

The current R730 and R630 appliance models that are under active maintenance will continue to be supported; however, they are no longer available, and the R640 XL model will be the only appliance model available. 

RSA is recommending that customers running older and aged hardware appliances upgrade to the newer R640 XL appliance model to take advantage of the latest server technology components to power their RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle solution.


RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Hardware Appliance Profile – Model Dell R640 XL





Dell PowerEdge R640 XL Rack Server, 1U


(2) Xeon Gold 6134 3.2GHz, 24.75M Cache


256GB RDIMM, 2666MHz or higher


(8) 800GB SSD SAS Mix Use 12Gbps Hot-plug Drives

Power Supply

(2) Hot-Plug, Redundant 1100W Power Supply (1+1)


(4) Gigabit Ethernet, OS layer failover bond

Remote Management

iDRAC9 Enterprise Management

EOPS Policy: RSA has a defined End of Primary Support (EOPS) policy associated with all major versions. Please refer to the Product Version Life Cycle for additional details.


If you need assistance in upgrading your environment to the latest version, please contact your RSA Account Team or RSA Customer Support.

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