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RSA Authentication Manager v7.1 to v8.x Hardware Appliance Migration- COMING SOON


This on-demand learning describes the specific steps to migrate an RSA hardware appliance from v7.1 to v8.x.



This on-demand learning augments the data migration course RSA Authentication Manager v7.1 to v8.x Data Migration and focuses on the process and considerations for migrating to a version 8.x hardware appliance from v7.1.

Note that this on-demand learning discusses migration of “out-of-box” deployments and does not address migration of customized APIs running under v6.1. It is also does not discuss the entire range of administrative features of the v8 product in detail – just the specific functions important to the migration process.



Technologists who are responsible for an RSA SecurID system and intend on migrating from RSA Authentication Manager v7.1 to v8.


Delivery Type

On-Demand Learning



15 minutes


Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills

Familiarity with RSA SecurID technology and RSA Authentication Manager v7.1. Participants should also view the RSA eLearning course: RSA Authentication Manager v7.1 to v8.x Data Migration prior to viewing this course.


Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand a deployment architecture that includes one or more hardware appliances as primary and/or Replica instances
  • Describe the migration process of migrating from a software or hardware appliance platform to a v8.1 hardware appliance
  • Understand how to upgrade an existing supported hardware appliance to be v8.x-capable


Course Outline

  • Overview of v8.1 Architecture
    ▬ Describes the architecture and deployments options that include a v8.1 hardware appliance
  • Overview of the Migration Process
    ▬ Describes migration tasks involved with migrating to a hardware appliance that are over and above the tasks involved with data migration alone
  • Upgrading and Re-imaging an RSA SecurID Appliance
    ▬ Describes the process to upgrade supported RSA SecurID Appliance 3.0 equipment to enable it to host a v8.x instance
  • Migration Steps
    ▬ Describes the steps involved with migration from exporting v7.1 data to importing it into a v8.1 hardware appliance.
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