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RSA G&L (7.0.1) ArcherGRC SaaS Collector Configuration

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I wanted to take a moment to share a particular nuance in the configuration of new Archer GRC SaaS collector within RSA G&L v7.0.1.


When configuring the Archer collector within G&L, you will be presented with the following screen.  I wanted to call out specifically the "Password" and "Application Name" fields.  When configuring a connection to a SaaS deployment of Archer, there may only be the default app instance located within the root of the application container.  In this case, you simply enter in the base of the URL for the Archer application in the "Host" field.  However, the "Application Name" field is mandatory, and this is an issue within the default view.  




In order to proceed with configuration, you will need to switch the view from Default to XML as shown below:



In this view you will have access to the raw XML and can edit the values directly.  In this example, you can clear out the value for "Application", leaving it blank.  


NOTE: Also of note is that as of the writing of this article, any value populated in the "Password" field in the default view will not carry over to the XML view.  As you can see above, the password is "****", and this will always be the case when switching views.  In order to successfully complete the configuration of the Archer Collector within G&L, you will need to replace the "****" with the plain text password and proceed/finish the collector configuration.  Once completed the password will be stored securely, however any future modifications will require the password to be re-entered.


Thank you.